Blowin' with Bass


   NOW available on CD 

             ( DUETS)

(previously unreleased recordings)


BOB DOWNES: flute, alto flute, bass flute,

flute heads, tenor, alto & soprano saxes,

cello, scat vocal, shaker, pitch pipe.


in order of appearance

DOWNES & MEGGIDO London 1978 (10:18)

DOWNES & GUY  LIVE at the Wigmore Hall, London1975  ( 22:00)

DOWNES & BRIDGE  London 1981  (15:32)

DOWNES & CLEYNDERT  LIVE, Private Party, Germany 2005  (24:20)


Total duration: 73 mins.

And if I may be so bold to say.. never a dull moment !


Dawn Dreams  (DOWNES & MEGGIDO)
Dark Corners   (DOWNES & GUY)
Bluesing ........ (DOWNES & CLEYNDERT)
Living for a Dream (DOWNES & CLEYNDERT)


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Yes, I know what your thinking, I should get a Knighthood.


All the Best,

Sir Bob

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Dawn Dreams Sample play
Dark Corners Sample play
Bluesing Sample play
Living for a Dream Sample play
Cocowanna Sample play
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