Bob Downes & The Alphorn Brothers + Gift CD

“ When Hagen approached me with the idea to compose and play
for his Alphorn Trio, I saw it as quite an interesting challenge
which turned into an exciting experience: In contrast to saxophone
and flute, the hand carved wooden tube without finger buttons or
piston valves can only emit sounds produced by lip vibrations at
the mouthpiece, thus resulting in a limited range of natural tones.
On ‘Dr. Love’ the 4 metres long alphorn served additionally as a
resonance body for the slapped mouthpiece.
‘Pink Elephants’ is a facetious name applied to hallucinations
caused by drunkenness.
‘Tatsunori Hasebe’ is a dedication to a Buddhist monk, a fan of
‘Open Music’ since the early 70s. (Another version on which I sing,
play flute and tenor sax, accompanied by keyboards and bassguitar,
can be heard on my album ‘You’re Funkin’ Good’.) “
Bob Downes, 2015
Heading for the Blues
Dawn approach
Dr. Love
I got the drift Baby
Goin’ down to New Orleans
The Prowler
God bless your Blues
Pink Elephants
When the Blues are bluer than blue
Tatsunori Hasebe
 "Homage for John Coltrane" (Gift CD sample)
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