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About Bob Downes

Composer, Musician, Arranger, Songwriter, Jazz -Rock & Blues Singer (but also composes and plays meditative music)
Bob Downes plays circa 25 Instruments (his main instruments are Saxes and Flutes).
His first LP was released with Philips Records, 1969.
He was voted N°1 Jazz flautist, formed various music ensembles and also was the first to create his own
independent Record Label “Openian”.
He played with “The John Barry 7” band (James Bond Film composer),
Pop Singer Chris Andrews, "Manfred Mann’s Earth Band" and with the Jimmy Nicol Band (Stand-in Drummer of the Beatles).
In 1968 Bob formed his OPEN MUSIC TRIO.
Bass players that played in it were Barry Guy, Barre Philips, Jeff Clyne, Daryl Runswick, Paul Bridge, Harry Miller, Marc Meggido.
Recently: Andy Cleyndert and Glen Moore.
Bob played and recorded with Ray Russell's Rock Workshop (whose artist's name by the way, was created for him by Bob),
and singers such as Elke Brooks, Alex Harvey and Julie Driscoll.
In the 70..s Bob was a member of Barry Guy's London Jazz Composers Orchestra.
He also played with the Mike Westbrook Band and the Keith Tippett Band.
Bob Downes had and still has world-wide success in composing for modern dance, for example: The Royal Ballet,
The London Contemporary Dance Theatre (with whom he composed and played live with between 1972 / 82) Ballet Rambert,
Dance Theatre of Harlem (N.Y.), The Royal Canadian Ballet, Australian Dance Company, Miami World Ballet, Komische Oper Berlin,
Staatstheater Stuttgart, Hongkong Ballet.
He composed for the Cambridge Theatre Company.
He also composed for and performed with the Swiss mime group “Mummenschanz” for T.V. Productions.
Bob Downes has performed as a highlight on Poet festivals in Amsterdam, Paris and Rome with poets like William S. Burroughs, Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti.




  Incoming critics & Inspirations



"I love this music (The Inner Universe CD's) and for my Tai Chi lesson it's perfect.
Please continue this kind of music because it takes us away in a world of real love.
Happy New Year 2009 and Thank You to exist."

Hi Bob!
I've heard them several times (CD's) and I'am very impressed / beeindruckt
from the inner depth of your feelings / von der inneren Tiefe Deiner Empfindung
and the wings of your soul so wide and open / und deinen weit gespannten
Seelenschwingen (-fl
Love, Light and Peace for you

"Your music is very important for my mind, my spirit, my life..."
Gustavo Bustamanta Mesa

"Hi, Thanks for your beautiful music. I love it very much."
best wishes Margit Abele

"CD's sind angekommen. Und die Musik ist wirklich gut"
Gruß Detlef Fink (Univ 1 & Dreams of Nature)

"Dear Bob, Your CD's arrived and I started to new adventures listening to them.
Thank you very much. They are just great!!!
And I'm happy to have them. All the best to you.
Yours sincerely
Renate Hoffmann from Switzerland"

“I find your music soothing and perfect for playing during Reiki and reflexology treatments.
Thank you very much!!” (Univ. Cd’s)
Maria Furogori

“Hallo, dear Bob, thank you for your great music.
"The Inner Universe I" was a big support for me to write my Integrale Psychotherapie book.
It’s also a permanent companion at my inner journeys because these sounds make it easier
to experience the endless space of concsiousness .
It's acoustic LSD!
Now I’m interested in “Inner Universe II & III for new inspirations"
(Wulf Mirko Weinreich)

 "A very special Atmosphere" (Univ. III CD) Harri Fiolka

"Wonderful CD if you can wear CD`s out, I must be pretty close, it's beautiful - and just right for my upheaved circumstances" Judy (Authoress) (Univ.III)

"Like Balm to my soul" Wendy Eyton - Children's Authoress (Univ.III)

"Dear Bob, Inner Universe III ist nicht nur... meiner Meinung nach ... Ihre beste CD, es ist auch eine der
besten Musik-Kompositionen, die ich kenne!
Vielen, vielen Dank für diesen Genuss. Gerd Gerken Institut für Zukunftsberatung

"Thanks every time" - Tatsunori Hasebe (Univ.III CD)

"Wer solche Musik macht, der ist dem Himmel so nahe! Das ist Sahne für die Seele. Danke! Licht und  Liebe"
Ingrid Schmerberg (Univ. II)

"It's an honour for me and I'm proud to get all CD's from you!!! They are fantastic!"

"Deine CD "The Inner Universe" (1) gefällt vielen Menschen so gut ...."    -    Tao Schule Berlin, Udo Treide

"Danke für die wundervolle Musik"   -   Chr. Twittenhof (Univ.II)

"I enjoy your Music very much. Thank you for composing such a wonderful music and sending me the three discs.
(Univ. I,II,III)
Love    Roswitha



Hells Angels
Hells Angels
12,00 €
Mixed Bag  
Deep Down Haevy  
The Inner Universe I  
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The Inner Universe II  
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The Inner Universe III  
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You're Funkin' Good!  
You're Funkin' Good!
Dreams of Nature  
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Song for Mother Earth   click on Picture to get more Info's!  
Episodes at 4 am  
Episodes at 4am - Bob Downes Open Music
New York Suite  
Bob Downes - New York Suite
5 Trios   Bob Downes - 5 Trios  
Diversions LP  
Diversions LP only
Diversions LP only   Diversions LP only  



New CD released:  " IT'S A MYSTERY "
Bob Downes was a name you’d see everywhere in the late ‘60s/early ‘70s – always up to his neck in something interesting and experimental. Last year I tracked down a composition of his for Alphorns for the Probes series (it will be in No.22) and a few months later he sent me an unreleased recording of his 1970 Dream Journey, a great dance composition that speaks volumes about the general musical climate of the time (it’s for 3 percussionists, two flautists, saxophones, trumpets and bass). I asked if there were more and we soon shuffled this compilation together, which covers a lot of ground: from solo to 65-piece wind band, recording experiments to library music and the years 1970 to 2004. And, of course, Alphorns. Several tracks feature the legendary John Stevens, percussionist Derek Hogg and bassist Daryl Runswick. It’s constantly engaging, inventive and a pleasure to listen to; and it’s also a fascinating window onto a (sadly) vanished aesthetic.
Chris Cutler
DOWNES, BOB: It’s a Mystery
Hello Bob

Thank you for the next step.

Various ways were tried so far, but I couldn't play improvisation.
"Riding Smooth" is very smooth to play.
I could chose a note properly on this tune for the first time.
It's too strange and marvellous!

Your teaching method is good!
Your tune is excellent?
Very strange.

"Positive Thinking" sounds like a little bit melancholy.
I also could chose a note properly on this tune.

I'm very happy to have reached this stage.
Because I couldn't do at all so far.
This practice is more fun than sheet music is read and played.
I'll practice more and more.

I'm very happy.
Thank you very very much.

"Just found in the attic, a box of DIVERSIONS LPS (1972)
LP & Cover in absolute mint condition.
available from the SHOP."
Preview and Samples to the New Album "The COOL Approach"  here on Youtube
Albumauskopplung "FEVER" aus "The COOL Approach" here
New Album released: Blowin' with Bass

“For me your music was always a way out of a common, normal, boring, world”

Maria Dickie (Brasil)